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Advanced Tajweed Course

Learn Advanced Tajweed rules through this course and become a professionally trained Quran reciter. You will be instructed by our certified and experienced tutors. You need to spare some extra hours to practice all the rules of Tajweed to get phenomenal and the same as natives.

“MashAllah, when I started Quran with Quran Madrasah, I knew very little.  I didn’t expect to memorize the entire Quran and get my Ijaazah!” – Anisah, US

  • 24/7 access
  • Flexible Tajweed scheduling
  • Male and female tutors
  • Personalized one-on-one classes
  • Tajweed group classes
  • Affordable charges
  • Tajweed certificate
  • 3 easy levels of Tajweed
  • Progress tracking and reporting
  • Monthly meetings and collaborative discussions
  • Free trial for beginners
  • Amazing discounts for families
  • Best structured curriculum
  • Tech-based lessons



Abdul Rahman Teacher

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More about this Course

Prerequisite of the Advanced Tajweed Course

To enrol in our Advanced Tajweed course, you need to have some knowledge and grip on the basics of Quran reading through the Norrani Qaida course. This course deals with complex rules that are difficult for beginners to grasp, which is why a good prior base of Tajweed is recommended.

Male and female kids must be above 15 to take this course due to its time consumption and severity. Also, they need to understand the importance of learning advanced rules. The adults can be of any age and background; they can take this course. If you have attended the Tajweed classes, then you can choose from the stages of this course to see which rules are left.

If you think you can give enough time to revisions and practice, then take this advanced course.

Learning Goals of this Online Tajweed Course

  • Pronouncing Arabic letters accurately like natives
  • Articulating the letters with proper attributes
  • Working hard to reach the perfection point for makharij
  • Reciting the Quran as smoothly with Tajweed as the teacher
  • Recognizing all hidden and clear mistakes made by Non-Natives
  • Identifying Tajweed rules for Quran recitation easily without getting stuck in uttering them
  • Practicing Quran recitation with Tajweed as many times as possible

3 Stages of This Program

Stage 1 of Advanced Tajweed

This stage has 30 study hours with a full-length class to practice Tajweed on Quranic verses. This stage will analyze your previous knowledge, and you will revise the basic rules to get them perfect too. You will have an oral recitation test and a written test after 30 hours, to begin with the 2nd stage.

Stage 2 of Advanced Tajweed

In this stage, you will learn the complex rules and also revise the previous rules and their connectivity with the new rules. The study hours of this stage are 40, and you have to appear in an oral and written test before starting the last stage.

Stage 3 of Advanced Tajweed

The last stage of the advanced Tajweed course has 60 study hours with back-to-back recitation drills by copying different Arabic Qaris. You will revise all the Tajweed rules (easy to difficult) in this stage along with the new rules to get the whole curriculum revised. A final assessment will be held at the end. You will recite the Quran with full Tajweed rules in front of the external Qari and also take a written test. On passing the exam, you will be certified to teach others.

Where Will You Stand at the End?

At the end of this online Advanced Tajweed Course, you will be as excellent as a native teacher. You will be able to recite the Quran in a beautiful tone with exceptional Tajweed. This course will make you a teacher from a student, and you will see how well you have groomed your Tajweed. Not only your Tajweed but your recitation skills will be polished. You will be able to recite the Quran in different tones with an excellent grip on the rules.

Quran Madrassa is gaining hype day by day because of the amazing features it offers both male and female students. The following facilities are our trademark and make us reliable and credible among the students.

  • Excellent teaching methods for non-Arab students
  • Efficient use of technology during practice
  • Weekend sessions available for revisions
  • Adaptable timings for working people
  • Full-time access to classes
  • Recorded Qira’ and rules explanation for students
  • The facility of female-qualified tutors for sisters
  • Customized Tajweed plans with different schedules are available
  • One-on-one classes and group learning
  • Motivational learning environment
  • Activity-based classes
  • Reporting, tracking, and meetings
  • Affordable fees with discounted packages
  • Free trials


Advanced Tajweed Course Tutors

The tutors hired for the Advanced Tajweed course are the best ones serving this platform. Both males and females are equally qualified and certified with an Ijazah from recognized institutes. They can teach you in English, Urdu, and even Persian.

Our tutors are very friendly and proactive. They make each lesson very easy and engaging. They are experienced in teaching non-Arabs for years and know how to make classes interesting.

These highly-esteemed instructors freely use multiple technology-based activities of Tajweed, including quizzes and games, to help you learn each rule with a different style. They will help you improve your recitation with revisions, as many times as possible.

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