Arabic classes For Adults

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Arabic classes For Adults

The Quran Madrassa welcomes adults to learn a new language that is divine and magnificent. Arabic learning is made easy through multiple methods and structured curriculum for adult males and females. You can get a flexible schedule to learn Arabic reading, writing, speaking and listening.

“MashAllah, when I started Quran with Quran Madrasah, I knew very little.  I didn’t expect to memorize the entire Quran and get my Ijaazah!” – Anisah, US

● Amazing schedules of Arabic
● Levels of learning Arabic
● Progress tracking and reporting
● Defined learning objectives for adults
● Easy activities of each language skill
● Affordable fees
● Arabic certificates



Abdul Rahman Teacher

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Learning Objectives of Arabic

These objectives are based on our short and long-term goals for adults learning Arabic online.

  • Enabling smooth Arabic letter pronunciation like natives.
  • Helping read Arabic words, phrases and sentences as perfectly as the teacher.
  • Understanding Arabic texts through audio and video presentations to work on listening skills.
  • Practicing Arabic writing through comprehension, question answers and various other activities.
  • Managing to revise all Arabic drills and read, write, speak and listen to Arabic texts efficiently.
  • Understanding the difference between speaking and reading skills through general expressions.

3 Main Levels of Arabic Curriculum

Level 1 for Beginners

This basic level is for adults who have zero or little knowledge about the Arabic language. They will be exposed to alphabet identification, joining letters to form words and phrases, and making small sentences in Arabic.

At this opening level, they will learn 300+ Arabic words and expressions that are used in everyday life. After learning and practicing the given syllabus, adults will be tested orally and in a written way. Total credit hours of this stage are 25. Then, they will start the next stage.

Level 2 for Intermediates

At this level, adults will learn to read and write Arabic texts with a deep understanding of meaning. They will be orally tested after every lesson and a written test will be conducted every month. The study hours of this level are 35. After passing the exam of level 2, students will enter the last stage of learning Arabic online.

Level 3 for Pro-Students

This is the last stage where the skills are thoroughly polished, and students get proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening to Arabic texts. The total credit hours for this level are 45, and upon completion, a grand assessment will be conducted that will include all the syllabus learned in the course.

At the end, you will be certified with a formal diploma that is printable.

More Courses of Arabic for Adults

We do not only offer simple Arabic language courses for adults but more programs too. It is beneficial for adults to attend other Arabic courses to get a good grip on the new language.

  • Egyptian Arabic Course
  • Arabic Grammar Course
  • Quranic Arabic Course
  • MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) Classes
  • Arabic Conversational Course
  • Arabic For Business Course
● All time access to classes for adults
● Responsible customer service panel
● Well-managed online classes
● Highly structured curriculum of Arabic
● Qualified Egyptian tutors for adults
● Flexible and adjustable curriculum
● Group classes and single person class
● Affordable packages and discounts
● Activities based on Arabic drills
● Presentations and debates
● Tests, competitions, and rewards
● Progress tracking and reporting
● Synchronized timetables
● Different suitable schedules
● Arabic course certificate
Quran Madrassa have hired qualified and certified tutors to teach Arabic to adults from different countries.
They are fluent in English and Urdu and teach with confidence. So, adults from Asian and the Western countries can learn Arabic easily.
Our tutors are mainly from Egypt and other Arabian countries. They have amazing grip on makharij and casual expressions that are amazingly taught to adults.
These teachers know result-based teaching methods that help new learners learn the language quickly. They teach proficiently and engage students in conversation too.
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