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Online Tajweed classes

Online Tajweed classes for kids and adults are designed to teach the rules of recitation with perfect articulation points necessary for non-Arabs to learn. These classes are conducted by our qualified native Arab tutors.

“MashAllah, when I started Quran with Quran Madrasah, I knew very little.  I didn’t expect to memorize the entire Quran and get my Ijaazah!” – Anisah, US




Abdul Rahman Teacher

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More about this Course

Prerequisites for Online Tajweed Course

The Tajweed course by Quran Madrasa has some prerequisites for the students.

  • You need to know some basics.
  • Or you must have taken the course of Noorani Qaida.
  • Kids must be above 6 years
  • Adults must have a regular and punctual schedule for Tajweed
  • Must be motivated and committed to complete the course
  • Must work hard to learn all the rules with the correct application

As tajweed is the core of Quran reading and it enlightens about the errors non-Arabs have during Quran recitation, it must be given proper time and practice throughout the course. 

Outcomes of our Tajweed classes

The following outcomes of online Tajweed classes are achieved by the teachers and the students in the course time. We have short and long-term goals for our tajweed classes. The short-term goals are lesson-based, and the long-term goals are meant to be achieved weekly, monthly, and quad-monthly.

Short-term Goals

  • To learn the articulation points of each alphabet
  • To differentiate between similar phonics of letters
  • To learn every single rule in the number of lessons allocated to them

Long-term Goals

  • Capable of reciting the Quran with accurate Tajweed
  • Be as proficient in tajweed as natives
  • Apply all rules of tajweed consciously while reading, reciting, and memorizing the Quran
  • Be aware of the hidden mistakes in Tajweed
  • Revise Tajweed rules and practice them regularly in prayers and supplications

3 Stages of Learning Tajweed

Stage 1:

This is the basic/beginner level where your prior knowledge is taken into consideration. You will learn the easy rules that will help you recite Quran smoothly with accurate makharij. The lessons of Noorani Qaida will be revised first to bring you into the flow.

The number of hours to complete this stage is 10. You will appear in a test to get promoted to the next stage.

Stage 2:

At this stage, you will have set a good base in simple Tajweed rules. Now you will learn more rules that are based on some almost-tough details that need continuous practice to get habitual of uttering the sounds like natives.

The total credit hours of this stage are 10. You have to take a test to move on to the next stage. 

Stage 3:

This advanced Tajweed stage is based on the complex rules that are the key factors in helping you to become an excellent Quran reciter. At the end of this stage, you have to revise all rules (beginning to end) and take a grand test of all rules. A tajweed certificate will be awarded at completion of the course which will have all details of your regularity, credit hours, and percentage.

Variety of Tajweed Courses We Offer 

We have many tajweed courses to cater to as many Muslims as possible. You can choose from the list to see which suits you the most.

✅Tajweed for Beginners

✅Tajweed Classes for Adults

✅Tajweed Classes for Sisters

✅Advanced Tajweed Course

All these courses are designed to target a specific group of Muslims living in Western countries.

Animated visuals for practice

To help you practice the makharij and articulation points we use animated visuals of the human mouth to show you the correct point of articulation. We also use a mirror technique to help you see how you ought to be uttering the sound. Visuals are beneficial to bring out the excellent results required for Tajweed practice.

Revision classes

If the teacher thinks you need more revision and practice for the rules as being non-Arab, we will arrange a revision session depending on your requirements. You can take the review classes on weekends also.

Progress tracking and reporting

This feature keeps you updated about your progress through an online reporting system that includes every single detail of your lesson.

✅ Pronunciation

✅ Fluency

✅ Confidence

✅ Reading Flow

Meetings with Parents of Kids

If kids are enrolled in our online Tajweed classes, we keep their parents updated through meetings. Their cooperation is appreciated and we expect a two-way collaboration to help kids learn faster and easier.

All-time access with flexibility in schedule

You can arrange your classes at any time of the day, even on weekends. We provide 24/7 access to the Tajweed lessons with flexibility in the schedule. Whether you attend 4 classes per week or 6, it is totally up to you.

Structured and personalized curriculum

The sequence of the syllabus is very well-organized and the professionals have arranged the topics from easier to difficult. All the students have the option to personalize the schedule. If you are already familiar with some of the basic Tajweed rules, then take a short test and opt for the 2nd or 3rd stage of this course. Save time, learn smartly.

Activities, quizzes, and educational games of Tajweed rules

We support each lesson with activities, quizzes, and educational games that engage students and help them learn rules faster.

Our tutors are qualified with an Ijazah in Tajweed and teach very professionally to achieve all learning goals efficiently.

They have online Tajweed teaching experiences of many years and keep taking seminars and training to improve their teaching strategies.

They are Native Arabs and naturally have an amazing Arabic accent. This quality gave them an edge over other Tajweed tutors

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