Hifz Classes For Ladies

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Hifz Classes For Ladies

Ladies from all over the world are offered this amazing hifz course where they can memorize the Quran at their convenience from a female Arab hifz tutor.

“MashAllah, when I started Quran with Quran Madrasah, I knew very little.  I didn’t expect to memorize the entire Quran and get my Ijaazah!” – Anisah, US




Abdul Rahman Teacher

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More about this Course

Outcomes of Hifz classes for ladies 

Our hifz program for ladies has well-prepared outcomes that we intend to achieve within the course time.


  • To enable females hifz Quran with ease under the guidance of female tutors.
  • To help sisters practice tajweed while memorizing the verses to bring perfection to their lessons.
  • To understand the tafseer of each Surah before learning it so that they can remember the surah easily.
  • To revise their lessons more than 3 times with proper recitation.
  • To memorize the Quran with an overall understanding of the importance of each Surah.
  • To learn about different hifz methodologies and apply the one that suits them.

Different Hifz Methods Used for this course

Our teachers are used to applying different hifz methods so that sisters can opt for the best one of their choice. Also, all methods are differently looked down upon by students. Some like the audio method while others like visuals the most.


  • The aural method
  • Watching the visuals of the given lesson
  • Old rot learning method
  • Ottoman hifz method
  • Up to down hifz method
  • Page-by-page learning method

3 Easy Levels Of Hifz For Females 


Quran Madrasah has divided each hifz plan into 3 easy levels so that sisters can reach their target conveniently with full dedication.


Level 1: This level will have the 1st 3d part of your total hifz plan in it. Let’s suppose, you are memorizing only the last 10 juz, so in level one you will have 3 ajzaa to learn. 


Level 2: The second level will have half of your hifz syllabus to cover. This level will be slightly longer and tougher than the previous one.

Level 3: The last level will help you complete your syllabus and reach the final goal with revisions and tests. All the levels will have tests for promotion to the next step. In the end, sisters have to appear in the grand test too.

1-Round-the-clock Presence

We provide hifz classes all days of the week and at any time of the sisters’ convenience. We render our facilities to all countries and our teachers are available at dawn, morning, mid-day, evening, and late at night. You can arrange your hifz lessons only on weekends also.


2-Qualified Tutors

Our teachers are mainly Arabs and we have a very competent team of instructors who are hafiz as well. Sisters can hire a female hafiz tutor to get help in this journey. If you are not satisfied with the teacher’s style, we will replace her with another amazing one.


3-Weekly report card to track progress

Do not worry about the pace and speed of your hifz. We will monitor your classes and track your progress by sending weekly reports. Our report cards are filled in by the tutors and the supervisors and they give you a deep analysis of your classes. Sisters are suggested to work on the mistakes they have so that they can have perfect hifz.


4-Hifz Methodologies

Challenge yourselves to learn through several methods. Try out all of our hifz techniques to see which one is your favorite. We do not force sisters to adapt one learning strategy and get confused if it is not bringing the desired results. 

Rather, apply different strategies while learning different surahs and see which surah is perfect in your memory. Then, follow that technique for the rest of the hifz plan.


5-Weekend Revision Sessions

We offer extra revision classes on weekends for sisters. As weekends are free for many of the ladies, avail of such a chance and revise your weekly lessons on the weekend to start the new lessons easily in the next coming week. You can arrange the weekend classes either on Saturdays, Sundays, or both.


6-Customised Curriculum

If ladies want to memorize selective portions from the Quran, that is possible as we offer a customized curriculum for them.

Get a personalized plan for any Surah/Surahs or chapter/chapters. Learn what you feel is easy and enjoyable to learn!

We have spared extra hours in hiring top-notch female hafiz tutors for sisters from all over the world.


Our tutors are native Arabs and possess exceptional qirat with proper tajweed. They will help you memorize the Quran by developing a beautiful tone.


They have graduated from Islamic Universities and have a clear English accent for teaching Western Muslim ladies easily.


Our tutors are qualified with an Ijazah and are capable of conducting hifz classes for ladies efficiently.


Hire any of our top female teachers and enjoy your hifz journey as they will also make tafseer easily understandable in English.

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