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Tajweed Classes For Kids

Activity and fun-based Tajweed classes for kids are offered to assist little ones in reciting the Quran beautifully. Our Tajweed tutors are trained to teach children by engaging them and bringing out exceptional results.

“MashAllah, when I started Quran with Quran Madrasah, I knew very little.  I didn’t expect to memorize the entire Quran and get my Ijaazah!” – Anisah, US




Abdul Rahman Teacher

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More about this Course

3 Levels of Tajweed

This kid’s Tajweed course has 3 levels to complete the syllabus. The division of topics is done to make the program very easy and interesting for young ones.

Level 1:

This is the basic level where kids will learn the easiest topics of Tajweed to set a foundation. The pronunciation and articulation will be taught with the help of an animation, mirrors, audio clips, and rehearsals. The total credit hours for this level are 10.

After learning the topic of this level with activities and games, kids will take a short test for promotion.

Level 2:

This is the intermediate level where little ones will learn some practice-based topics and find examples from the Quran. They have to learn and practice the topics with educational materials like games and quizzes. This level also has 10 hours of study.

Again, kids will take a short test to start the last level.

Level 3:

This is the last and most advanced level where some difficult and lengthy topics are added regarding tajweed. Kids will practice with lots of fun-based activities. Upon completing the syllabus, they will take a grand test that will include all the tajweed topics. 

Objectives of Tajweed classes for kids

  • To make kids learn tajweed happily and practice each rule consciously.
  • To learn the accurate articulation points of each letter.
  • To understand the difference between native letters and Arabic letters through pronunciation.
  • To identify rules while reading the Quran.
  • To realize the common mistakes made in Quran recitation.
  • To identify the hidden mistakes of tajweed.
  • To be involved in games and activities for better learning.

Activities we choose for Kids

As kids need fun and enjoyment in their studies, we have designed all activities in a way that engages them. The following activities are made to engage them in the Tajweed lesson.

  • Animated visuals for practicing makharij
  • Quizzes and riddles based on Tajweed rules
  • Educational games to practice all the rules
  • Coloring, tracing, and matching
  • Finding Practical examples from Quran

Organized Tajweed curriculum 

Our curriculum for Tajweed is highly organized to give a very formal yet easy look to kids who are going to take this course. The division of topics into stages, the test schedules, the activities and games, and the daily quizzes and riddles are all designed to help kids enjoy and learn.

We make sure each kid gets personal attention and proper time to understand the topics. To make it easy we have considered all the aspects like the timings of the classes, duration of the course, topics to be learned, and the mode of teaching.

The following traits are listed to convince our users to choose Quran Madrasa for tajweed classes for kids.

  • All-time access to classes even on weekends
  • Personalized class timings and schedule
  • Qualified native Arab tutors for Tajweed
  • Activities and games for kids to learn with fun
  • Testing and evaluating the topical understanding
  • Weekly Reports and online meetings with parents
  • Extra revision classes for weak students
  • Affordable fees for amazing teaching strategies
  • Different learning methodologies

Tajweed Course Tutors

The tutors hired for kids’ Tajweed classes are all native Arabic and qualified enough to teach kids. The other traits of our male and female tutors are:

  • Fluent in English and Urdu
  • Ijazah Degree holders
  • Graduated from Al-Azhar or other leading universities
  • Years of experience in teaching tajweed to kids
  • Attend workshops for more unique teaching ideas
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