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Quran Classes for Adults

Quran classes for adults are meant to provide an amazing opportunity to learn the Quran in a flexible schedule with a variety of courses to choose from.

“MashAllah, when I started Quran with Quran Madrasah, I knew very little.  I didn’t expect to memorize the entire Quran and get my Ijaazah!” – Anisah, US




Abdul Rahman Teacher

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Omar Ali Uthman Businesman

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Objectives Of Online Quran Classes for Adults:

Each of the online Quran courses offered by Quran Madrasa has objectives and goals, meant to be achieved by students and tutors. We believe that without the objective in mind, no one can strive hard for the best. Some of the collective objectives of our Quran classes are as under:

  • Facilitating learners to acquire reliable and authentic Quranic knowledge from the best instructors in the world.
  • To learn to read the Quran smoothly and fluently.
  • To practice the accurate pronunciation and makharij of Arabic letters.
  • To learn and apply all Tajweed rules properly.
  • To be able to recite the Quran brilliantly.
  • To be able to develop an amazing recitation tone that matches the recitation of Prophet Muhammad SAWW
  • To learn any of the 10 authentic recitations of the Quran perfectly.
  • To enable them to qualify for an Ijazah in Quranic studies.
  • To memorize the Quran with exceptional retention and perfect tajweed.
  • To revise the memorized portion more than 3 times to make it flawless.
  • To understand the translation of verses and the summary of every Surah.
  • To learn the Tafseer of Surahs in a specially designed course for adults. 

3 Levels Of Each Quran Course:

The instructors at Quran Madrasa have divided the Quran for adult courses into 3 basic levels to ensure effective and flawless learning. The students will start the syllabus as a beginner and finish it as an expert. Each level has several topics to learn and a test will be held at the end of each level.

Beginner level 1

To learn the Quran perfectly, it is important to start from the easy chapters, whether it is reading, recitation, tajweed, or hifz. The 1st level will set up your base in Quranic knowledge and help you be regular and punctual in the class. This level teaches the easiest topics and students will be motivated to give their best in each level. 

Medium level 2

At this level, adults will learn some major topics with fewer details. They have to complete the hours of each level designed according to the plan of the learner. This level will teach all the topics necessary for medium-paced learners, who are advancing to the higher levels. After a test, students will be allowed to carry on with the 3rd level.

Advanced level 3

This is the advanced level where students will learn all the important, complex, and detailed topics with lots of exercises, activities, research, and discussions.

On completion of the syllabus, adults will revise the whole curriculum before appearing in a grand test.

Our Various Quran Courses for Adults:

The list of our Quran courses for adults is here to make it easy for males and females to choose the right course.

  • Basic reading course (Noor Al-Bayan)
  • Online Tajweed Course for Adults
  • Quran recitation classes for adults
  • Online hifz classes
  • Quran Ijazah Program
  • 10 Qirat course
  • Hifz revision course
  • Quran Tafseer course
  • Quran Fiqh Course

Amazing Teaching Strategies For Adults:

To ensure the quality of the classes and excellent outcomes, we have so many amazing strategies to apply. These Quran teaching methodologies are proven to have 100% results.

We ensure that each student learns the Quran in a way that suits him the most. As every student has different abilities and not all of them have the same tendencies. Some like audio clips, others like visuals, some prefer reading out loud, and others prefer reading in the heart. 

So the following strategies and methods are used to keep adults engaged in the Quran lessons and enjoy their classes.

  • Interactive mode of teaching
  • Activities of each topic
  • Questioning during the lesson
  • Quizzes and riddles to revise the topics quickly
  • Old memorization technique to ensure flawless hifz
  • The practice of tajweed rules through animations to foster good results.

There are so many platforms teaching the Quran to adults online and it is difficult to maintain your status. We keep on working hard to introduce new techniques, features, discounts, packages, free trials, and new courses. To grab your attention. Have a look at what we have for you to choose us.

  • Recorded lectures of missed lessons
  • Audio/video aids for practice
  • Weekly Report card generation
  • Customized Progress trackers of every lesson/say
  • One-on-one and group classes
  • Affordable pricing and attractive discounts
  • All-the-time availability
  • Feedback forms for complaints
  • Instant Customer support
  • Qualified Arab tutors

Native Arab Tutors For Adults

We believe that excellent results and long-term retention of lessons are possible with the help of superb teachers who work day and night to devise unique techniques, activities, mind maps, and points of discussion for their students. Our male and female tutors are Ijazah degree holders and know very well how to teach the Quran with superb strategies. Here are some of the qualities that attract Western students to choose us.

  • Their clarity in speaking English with students.
  • Their grip over all the Quran topics
  • Their degrees in Quranic studies from leading institutes
  • Their origin is from arab countries and they naturally have an amazing accent of the Quran.
  • Their years of experience in teaching the Quran online.
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