Online Quran Classes for Kids

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Online Quran Classes for Kids

Our online Quran courses cover a wide range of topics that are taught by our professional tutors to help kids and adults learn efficiently.

“MashAllah, when I started Quran with Quran Madrasah, I knew very little.  I didn’t expect to memorize the entire Quran and get my Ijaazah!” – Anisah, US




Abdul Rahman Teacher

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Omar Ali Uthman Businesman

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More about this Course

Outcomes of Online Quran Classes

The objectives and outcomes of this course are multiple as we have several Quran courses to teach a variety of subjects.

  • To make little kids capable of learning exact articulation points of Arabic letters through our Qaida classes.
  • To help toddlers improve their tajweed rules with the confidence of having an accent like natives through an online Tajweed course.
  • To memorize the Quran with excellence and review it many times in our hifz online classes.
  • To polish their recitation skills and develop an amazing tone.
  • To understand the importance of learning the Quran at this early stage.

Quran courses We offer for kids online

We offer many Quran courses for little children to help them stay connected to the book of Allah.

  • Quran memorization course for kids

This course targets small kids with its levels of hifz that are designed to keep kids motivated in a very interactive environment. The activities of surahs, meaning, and explanation are all done through multimedia. The revision of the hifz portion is done more than 2 times.

  • Online Tajweed classes for kids

Let your juniors work on their accurate pronunciation to recite the Quran like the prophet Muhammad SAWW. This course will teach all the rules in three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. At the end of the course, kids will be able to apply all the rules in the Quran reading.

  • Quran recitation classes

Kids can enhance their recitation skills by choosing any of the styles from the top 10 Qirat. They will practice through the imitation of qaris. They can easily learn exact recitations by giving them more time to review.

3 levels of basic Quran learning

We have divided the syllabus of all Quran courses into 3 levels to make it easy and engaging for kids to follow. Each level has several sections that work as milestones.

Level 1 is the basic step where kids will have to attend around 30 credit hours of classes in 2-3 months. This level of every course will teach the beginning topics that are easy to learn.

Level 2 is the intermediate step that will teach slightly difficult and long topics whether it is hifz, tajweed, recitation, or Islamic studies. This level has 35 credit hours to complete in the flexible duration of students’ choice.

Level 3 is the advanced level which has 40 credit hours and the level duration depends on the learner. This level will teach complex topics but with lots of activities, games, and quizzes to make it easy and interesting.

Amazing Teaching strategies used for Kids in Quran classes

As these courses are meant for Kids 3-10 years of age, we have devised amazing teaching strategies that will engage kids with fun. They will stay connected to the book of Allah in a very engaging way.

  • Asking lots of questions
  • Narrating stories
  • Giving puzzles to solve
  • Asking riddles
  • Giving multiple examples
  • Use of audio/visuals for lesson clarity.

Progress tracking of Hifz lessons

We track the progress of each lesson by preparing an evaluation sheet at the end of each lesson. It helps us work on the problem areas of each kid and bring the desired improvement. 

Weekly updates to parents

The progress report and update are presented to the parents weekly. Parents are expected to sign the report and cooperate with the tutor to help kids improve their errors.

Feedback policy

Parents can contact us for any trouble, issue, or complaint through our feedback policy. We appreciate your criticism and will work on it to resolve the issues. Positive feedback is also appreciated to boost the morale of tutors.

Quran certificate

At the end of each course, kids are given a certificate with the stamp of the forum to authenticate it. The total number of hours and the results will be mentioned on it.

Tests and competitions

Kids at Quran Madrasa are supposed to appear in tests and competitions that are meant to review and retain the lessons. The tests are taken in the objective format to make it easy for students to pass them.

Affordable fee plan

Our pricing is very reasonable and we offer attractive discounts to families from all over the globe. There are no extra charges for any facility offered.

The tutors hired by our supervisors and selection panel are very qualified and work professionally.

  • They are certified by famous Islamic universities like Al-Azhar
  • They are qualified to teach the Quran to kids online and have maintained an excellent portfolio
  • They are fluent in English and Urdu and can easily teach students from different countries
  • They have an extensive experience of teaching the Quran and know many strategies to engage them
  • They are friendly and loving towards kids and engage them in the Quran classes.
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