Hifz Classes For Adults

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Hifz Classes For Adults

Memorize the book of Allah with the flexibility of timing and schedule. Our Hifz classes for adults are accessible regardless of gender.

“MashAllah, when I started Quran with Quran Madrasah, I knew very little.  I didn’t expect to memorize the entire Quran and get my Ijaazah!” – Anisah, US




Abdul Rahman Teacher

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More about this Course

Learning Objectives Of the Hifz Course:

We at Quran Madrasah have planned some objectives to achieve through this course. Without setting goals and identifying objectives, we believe that students and teachers will not stay that determined and committed.


  • To enable adults to choose what they can easily learn.
  • To make them learn Tajweed rules for excellent accent, recitation, and makharij.
  • To help them understand the translation of verses in English to have an idea of what they are memorizing.
  • To make them practice and apply the teachings of the Quran to themselves to mold their personalities.
  • Choose any hifz technique that best suits their learning ability.
  • To revise the memorized parts flawlessly.
  • To keep reviewing their lessons for exceptional retention.

4-Levels of Memorization Plan:

This is the most amazing option adults have for their hifz portion. 

Firstly, tell us your intention of how much you want to memorize. 

Secondly, get a plan for that part according to your requirements of completion time, available hours, off days, etc. 

Thirdly, your teacher will divide your chosen syllabus into 4 equal levels to make it easy to reach the goal. 

Fourthly, each level will end up on a test. If you pass the test, you will be promoted to the next level of your plan. If not, you have to revise and reappear in the test.

Here is an example of levels from Juz Amma memorization. This chapter has 37 surahs.

🔸In level 1 you will memorize the easiest 10 surahs. 

🔸In level 2 you will hifz 15 Surahs.

🔸In level 3 you will learn 7 slightly longer Surahs.

🔸In level 4 you will learn the last 5 longest surahs of the chapter.

Multiple Hifz Methods:

This hifz session will allow you to learn the verses with the method that you feel is convenient and easy to adopt. Some of the most used strategies are as follows.

1- Listen To The Qari:

The best technique used by our tutors is the aural way. The students mainly have to listen to the recitation of the verses, lines, or pages they are given to memorize.

Students are supposed to recite the lesson after their teacher and then listen to the qirat of that lesson by any Qari. Use headphones or play it loud, it’s up to you. 

Listen to the lesson recitation more than 5 times so that the tone is saved in your memory. Try to recite along with the Qari once you feel you have understood the tajweed of each word accurately.

2- Photogenic Memory Use

If visuals attract you the most, choose this method where you have to read the lesson after the tutor almost 3 times. 

Then, keep reading the lesson by placing your index finger on each word you recite to make it in your memory.

People who have amazing photogenic memory will quickly save the picture of the page in their brain and recall the verses from their memory of that page.

3- Repetitive Style

If you think repetition is your style, go for it. Repeat your lesson as many times as possible. Do not forget to apply the Tajweed rules. Do not recite and memorize in haste. Give time to your mind to save what you are continuously repeating. 

Repeat the lesson by sitting, standing, walking, jogging, or whatever you feel easy with. The objective is to memorize with perfection and long-term retention.

4- Using Colorful Mushaf to view

Some people find colors appealing. Why not use them for memorization? There are colorful Mushafs available everywhere, both in copy versions and online PDF versions. 

Learn the given lesson through tajweed-based colored Mushaf that will surely help you improve Tajweed as well as recall lessons through colors.

5- Reciting Each line 5 times

Choose any of the above styles and recite line by line. Hifz your lesson through lines. The more you read the better you learn and retain. 5 times recitation of the verses will make your lesson perfect. Then, close the Mushaf and recite 5 times from your memory. Your lesson will be perfect.

6-Reciting each verse 5 times

Do not want to follow the lines, no worries, follow the lesson verse by verse. 

Learn each verse one by one. Consider one verse at a time and recite it 5 times by looking at the Mushaf. Once you think it is in your memory now, close the Mushaf. 

Recite the verse from your memory 5 times with perfection. If you think there is an error, go back to the starting point and recite again 5 times by looking at the Mushaf.

We prefer giving time to your hifz. Your appointed tutor will be there to guide and help you out all the time.

Well-organized Hifz Plans 

Our hifz plans are very well organized with the following points considered for everyone.

🔸The age of the students and their choice of part to memorize.

🔸The preference of days in the week they want to attend the hifz lesson.

🔸The duration they want to complete the course in.

🔸The off days they want in their hifz plan.

🔸The length of each class they prefer (40, 60, or 100 minutes).

Once these details are provided, the supervisors and the tutor will structure your plan with a proper layout that will tell you your tests, revisions, and competition dates on the calendar.

Other Hifz Courses For Adults

We have more hifz courses as well that can be chosen according to the student’s requirements.

🔸Full-time Hifz course

🔸Intensive Hifz Course

🔸Weekend Hifz Classes

🔸Quran memorization course

🔸Hifz Classes for Sisters

You can choose from any of these courses to get them personalized.

The following traits make us the leading hifz forum. Have a look at the features we offer.


  • Our professionally qualified tutors are the best.
  • Our monthly competitions are worth the deal.
  • The progress trackers are available for every single Surah.
  • Get a certificate for even memorizing a single Surah.
  • Our weekly report card tells you your weak points and suggests ways to improve.
  • Pay very less and get much more.
  • Reach out whenever you want to.
  • Avail of the option of both male and female hifz tutors.
  • Revise your hifz in the revision sessions offered for this course.

Our tutors will make your dream of learning the Quran from native Arabs come true. We have chosen highly qualified and trained teachers for hifz classes for adults. They are:


🔸Ijazah qualified

🔸Fluent in English

🔸Experienced in teaching adults

🔸Degree holders from reputed universities

🔸Having 5-star ratings and good reviews

🔸Aware of multiple teaching strategies.

🔸Active in conducting online hifz classes.

To motivate our readers we here list down the high ranks and statuses of a hafiz that are promised by Allah.

🔸Elevated respect in both worlds.

🔸The hafiz’s parents will be presented with the brightest crown.

🔸The garment given to the hafiz in Jannah will be the most illuminated.

🔸The huffaz will be asked to recite and rise the stairs of the heavens to finalize their abode on the last word they recite.

So, memorize whatever portion you can and select your home in the heavens according to your hifz.

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