Tajweed Classes for adults

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Tajweed Classes for adults

Adults from all over the world can learn Tajweed from our professional instructors and improve their recitation to make it the same as native Arabs have. Our Tajweed classes are very well-designed and flexible in scheduling that suits the routines of all adults.

“MashAllah, when I started Quran with Quran Madrasah, I knew very little.  I didn’t expect to memorize the entire Quran and get my Ijaazah!” – Anisah, US

● 24-7 access to Tajweed lessons
● Customized curriculum and classes
● Flexible timings for adults
● Qualified Arab tutors
● Different stages to learn Tajweed easily
● Tests and certificates
● Progress tracking of each student
● Revision classes if needed
● Amazing teaching strategies and methods
● Activities with each topic
● Free worksheets, and pdf book for references



Abdul Rahman Teacher

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More about this Course

Objectives of Tajweed Course for Adults

Quran Madrasa focuses a lot on the objectives of each course. This Tajweed course for adults is also packed with some important objectives that are accomplished in the course time.

  • Enabling adults to read each Arabic letter accurately
  • Helping students pronounce the alphabet the same as natives
  • Making Tajweed rules easy and interesting for non-Arab students
  • Assisting students to learn mandatory Tajweed laws consciously
  • Identifying and applying all rules flawlessly
  • Understanding and analyzing hidden and clear Tajweed mistakes to avoid in recitation
  • Reciting the Quran flawlessly like Arabs
  • Reviewing all rules daily for perfection

3 Main Levels of Tajweed Lessons

Our Adult Tajweed course has 3 levels that make it easy for students to cover the syllabus slowly and accurately. It won’t make the classes burdened with clusters of topics. Adults can easily learn the rules through levels and stages made by our professionals that will suit your routine and timings.

Level 1 for Starters

The 1st level is for adults who are just about to learn the Tajweed rules for the 1st time. This level has 3-4 units of easy topics, and each unit will have a review session to make all the rules excellently learned and applied. The duration of this level is 10 hours, and students can manage their duration as per their availability. After this level, adults will appear in a test and get a green card permission to carry on with the next level.

Level 2 for Medium-Paced Learners

After the 1st level, you will learn some tough but easy Tajweed rules in the 2nd level which also has 5-6 units of different new and review topics. This level has 10 hours of completion, and you can arrange them according to your routine and convenience. A test of level 2 will also have topics from level 1 to ensure a perfect understanding. Upon completion and tests, you will move on to your 3rd and last level which is the advanced stage of Tajweed rules.

Level 3 for Advanced Students

In this last level, students will review all previous topics and learn some complex Tajweed rules to recite the Quran phenomenally. This level needs extra dedication and time to practice the rules. We will make you learn Surahs from 30th Juz to improve your recitation for Salah. This level has 10 credit hours, and you can complete them according to your availability. A grand test of all levels will be taken at the end, and adults will be certified for this Tajweed program.

Structured Curriculum for Tajweed Classes

Our Tajweed course has a very organized curriculum that is suitable for adults and fits into their routines easily. The whole curriculum has well-arranged topics starting with the easiest and ending with the most complex ones.

Our tests, quizzes, breaks, and review sessions are all pre-planned to make the whole Tajweed program synchronized and structured. Your class duration, number of classes, and course timeline are also considered before planning the personalized curriculum for each student.

How Do We Teach Tajweed Rules to Non-Arab Adults?

The teachers at Quran Madrasa are very well-trained to conduct Tajweed classes with their following strategies specially picked up for adults.

  • Use of animations, audio, and video aid
  • Continuous Repetition of rules
  • Use of colorful Mushaf to help adults learn the rules with allocated colors
  • Memorization of Surahs from 30th Juz to make the Tajweed strong
  • Reciting the uses loudly to pronounce the words
  • Use of a mirror to keep a self-check on articulation points

Why Choose Quran Madrasa for Tajweed Classes?

Quran Madrasa is evolving daily, and we are steadfast in facilitating all adult males and females to choose us for their Tajweed classes for the following reasons:

  • 24/7 class facility with double lessons on the weekend
  • Affordable and discounted packages for adults
  • Experienced male and female Tajweed teachers
  • Latest technology-based activities and class environment
  • One-on-one and group classes are available
  • Customized study plans for adults
  • Flexibility in class timings and duration
  • Revision sessions included in the course
  • Evaluation reports are generated weekly
  • Tests and quizzes are frequently taken
  • Competitions between students are held
  • The certificate of the course is provided online

Tajweed Course Tutors

We proudly announce that the team of our Tajweed course is highly efficient and experienced.

  • They are native Arabic speakers and have phenomenal Tajweed and recitation skills.
  • They are fluent in English and Urdu and confidently teach adults from the West.
  • They are Ijazah certified from the top Arabian universities.
  • They have been teaching Tajweed for the last 6 years.
  • Our female tutors are capable enough to conduct advanced Tajweed courses for ladies.
  • They are aware of new technology and use unique and amazing methods of online teaching sessions.
  • They deliver lessons with patience and full dedication to help adults understand each lesson perfectly.
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