Tajweed Classes For Sisters

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Tajweed Classes For Sisters

We at Quran Madrasa have designed these tajweed classes for sisters to facilitate a large number of females belonging to different walks of life. Enjoy learning tajweed from an experienced female teacher online.

“MashAllah, when I started Quran with Quran Madrasah, I knew very little.  I didn’t expect to memorize the entire Quran and get my Ijaazah!” – Anisah, US

● 24/7 availability
● Animated videos to learn articulation points
● Audio clips of Qaris
● Educational games and quizzes on Tajweed
● Practical examples from Quranic verses
● Qualified native female tutors
● Customized learning plans
● Personalized one-on-one classes
● Time flexibility
● Progress tracking and reporting
● Tajweed certificate for sisters



Abdul Rahman Teacher

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More about this Course

Educational Outcomes of Tajweed Classes for Ladies

Each of our Tajweed classes has specific goals to achieve and the teachers tick mark them in the class time to make sure they are aligned with the schedule and Tajweed plan they are following.

  • Learning to pronounce Arabic letters correctly
  • Practicing correct makharij with the help of audio and video animations
  • Understanding the clear and hidden Tajweed mistakes usually done by non-Arab students.
  • Applying Tajweed rules confidently while reciting any surah
  • Revising the rules in front of the teacher and others without any hesitation
  • Identifying Tajweed rules in the verses
  • Smoothly applying Tajweed and recitation laws even if there is more than one in a word
  • Appearing in Tajweed tests regularly
  • Reviewing all the rules on their own as well after class time

3-Levels of Our Online Tajweed Course

We have made the Tajweed course easy for ladies by dividing the topics into 3 steps. They can start from the level they want to learn. If you are familiar with some of the basics, you can take a test and start your classes from the next level. If you are a beginner, then start from the very 1st level to practice the pronunciation and minor rules first.

Level 1:

This is the beginner’s level where sisters will learn the makharij, articulation points, differences in similar-sounding letters, and some other easy rules. Once they can start reciting short verses easily and without the help of the tutor, they will take a test and move on to the next level.

Level one has 10 credit hours of classes to be completed to take the test. The assessment will be both objective and subjective. A good aggregate is required to pass the level.

Level 2:

This level is medium in its strength. It will teach you some easy and some difficult Tajweed rules which you need to revise and practice a lot for excellent execution. Rules like noon and meem sakinah, ghunna, tanween, clear and hidden Laam are added in this level to make your Quran reading perfect.

Once you are done with the topics of this level, you have to revise all the rules and appear in a test which will be a decisive factor for your promotion to the last round. The total number of hours for the classes of level 2 is also 10.

Level 3:

This is the last Tajweed level which is advanced in its strength. You will become a pro at this level. It will teach you the complex rules which will no longer be difficult for you if you have a good grip over the last two levels. The total number of hours at this level is 10 and upon completion, you will revise the syllabus with continuous practices, quizzes, surprise recitation tests, and competitions.

The last assessment will include the whole Tajweed syllabus and the oral recitation test will be taken by an external female examiner. You will be rewarded for the best recitation and top position. The Tajweed certificate will be awarded online after the results.

How Do We Teach Tajweed to Sisters?

As sisters have other commitments and hesitate to recite the Quran loudly, we at Quran Madrasa have devised different methods to teach them the rules of Tajweed that are necessary for Quran recitation.

  • Mirror practice for pronunciation and makharij
  • Group revision with other sisters to motivate each other
  • Home practice with kids and other family members for accuracy
  • Qira’a competition to boost their morale
  • Animations of mouth to understand exact points of articulation
  • Imitation of female Qaria
  • Reciting small surahs with Tajweed in Salah
  • Recite Quranic duas with Tajweed
Choosing Quran Madrassa from the other top websites needs something really special. Here is the list of features we offer at a very minimal fee that is affordable in all currencies.
● Our dedicated Ijazah-certified female teachers for sisters
● Flexible schedules for all working ladies
● Unique schedule for female students
● Weekend classes and double lessons
● Tajweed revision through nasheeds (poems) and Quranic verses
● Progress tracking of each topic and lesson
● Weekly analysis report for improvement
● Rewards for Motivation
● Group competitions for interest and engagement
● Tajweed certificate with formal stamp
● Personalised classes
● Peer pairing for revision sessions.

We have hired a good number of female tutors who are available 24/7 to teach sisters from all over the globe. They are Ijazah certified from reputed universities that are well known for Quran and Tajweed courses.
They have an exceptional grip over Tajweed because of their natural Arabic accent. Hence, they teach amazing techniques and help sisters recite the Quran beautifully without worrying about their makharij.
Our tutors are fluent in English and Urdu so you can communicate with them easily. They have taken classes and done diplomas to become adept in both languages.
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