Full-Time Hifz Program

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Full-Time Hifz Program

Memorize the Quran in a full-time schedule and put in more effort than usual to finish your hifz in a short period. This course will be conducted by qualified and certified Huffaz who has memorized the Quran in a full-time program.

“MashAllah, when I started Quran with Quran Madrasah, I knew very little.  I didn’t expect to memorize the entire Quran and get my Ijaazah!” – Anisah, US




Abdul Rahman Teacher

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More about this Course

Learning Goals of This Course

  • Enabling students to understand the importance of hifz
  • Providing an amazing and motivational environment to complete the hifz plan
  • Making students learn the Tajweed rules accurately
  • Understanding the meaning of verses and summary of Surahs
  • Memorizing the Quran or its portions with conscious effort and easy methods
  • More than 3 Revisions of a memorized portion

Easy Stages of Full-time Hifz Program

To make your hifz journey easy and interesting, we have divided the selected portion into small stages that will help you progress little by little. As this is a full-time hifz course which means you have to attend 5-6 classes per week and dedicate time for revisions on weekends also. The following stages are for the intensive hifz plans.

Stage 1:

Last 3 chapters (28th, 29th, and 30th)

This is the 1st level of your hifz plan if you are memorizing the whole Quran. This includes the last 3 chapters which are considered relatively easy. If you just want to memorize these 3 Juz, you can take a test after learning them and get a certificate. If you want to carry on with the next stage, take the test and score good marks to proceed further.

There is no fixed time limit to finish this stage. You can memorize 3 chapters in 6, 8, 10, or 12 months. It depends on your ability and capacity.

Stage 2:

15 Chapters (27th-15th)

If you are carrying on with this stage, you have to give a test of the last 3 ajzaa and then buckle up your energies to memorize 12 more Chapters to complete 15 (half of the Quran).

This stage is further subdivided into small goals of 4 parts. You will learn 4 chapters in each part and complete 12 chapters easily. After revisions with proper tajweed, you will be given the option to quit or continue with the great half of the Quran.

Stage 3:

The whole Qurah (15th-1st)

The last stage needs more energy, commitment, and motivation as you have to complete half of the Quran. Again, these 15 chapters are equally divided into 3 parts, each having 5 chapters.

You will continuously revise old chapters to make your hifz accurate. You will learn new lines daily along with the old revisions. After completion of all 30 chapters, you will revise the whole Quran thrice before appearing in the final hifz test.

Amazing Hifz Strategies to Learn the Quran Fast

  • Line wise hifz
  • Verse wise hifz
  • 3 by 3 hifz method
  • 5 by 5 hifz way
  • Back-to-back revisions
  • 1 page at a time
  • Reciting the verses out loud

Customized Hifz Curriculum

We at Quran Madrassa have structured our full-time hifz curriculum with details of term breaks, weekly tests, evaluations, meetings, quizzes, and competitions. You will get an overall idea of how this course will work through our curriculum’s structure.

The hifz tutors have planned each lesson with amazing outcomes, strategies, levels, and tests to make the whole program very easy to follow.

Why Choose Us

  • 24/7 availability for support and guidance
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy life
  • Personalized and customized classes tailored to your learning style and pace
  • Amazing teaching strategies that make learning enjoyable and effective
  • Facility of male and female teachers to suit your preferences
  • Weekend classes to fit your schedule
  • Affordable fees and discounts to make hifz accessible to everyone
  • Constant progress tracking and reporting to keep you informed and motivated
  • Monthly meetings to review progress, address concerns, and foster a supportive learning environment
  • Official Hifz certificate upon successful completion of the program

Hifz Course Tutors

Our full-time hifz program is staffed by Ijazah-certified and qualified tutors from well-established institutes. They are proficient in both English and Urdu.

These tutors are native Arabic speakers and are deeply passionate about teaching hifz to children and adults. Our experienced tutors are themselves huffaz and have maintained their hifz for many years. Some of their notable qualities include:

  • Motivated and proactive
  • Sound Islamic personalities
  • Friendly and cooperative
  • Energetic and optimistic
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