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Online Noorani Qaida Course

Online Noorani Qaida classes are designed for all individuals who want to begin learning the Quran with proper rules. You will be able to fluently recite the Quran without any serious errors. This course is highly recommended for all non-Arab Muslims.

“MashAllah, when I started Quran with Quran Madrasah, I knew very little.  I didn’t expect to memorize the entire Quran and get my Ijaazah!” – Anisah, US




Abdul Rahman Teacher

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More about this Course

Learning Outcomes of the Noorani Qaida Course

  • Enabling learners to learn accurate pronunciation of letters
  • Learning and practicing articulation points of all alphabet
  •  Understanding the hidden tajweed mistake done through wrong articulation
  •  Identifying the rules of Qaida in the verses of Quran
  •  Learning the attributes of each letter
  •  Recognizing the difference between the same sounds of the alphabet
  •  Practicing and applying all rules accurately and smoothly
  •  Reading the Quran fluently like natives
  • Levels of Learning Qaida Noorania

Level: 1

This is the beginner’s level for the students who are found to learn the basics for the first time and need extra time and effort to understand each rule. You will start with the Arabic alphabet, its pronunciation, proper articulation, and its attributes.
Once you have a good grip on the basics of the letters, you will advance to the easy rules first. Joining, connecting, and some simple rules are added to this level. The total study hours at this level are 25.
When you complete the syllabus assigned for this level, our tutors will assess you through oral and written tests. On passing the test, you will begin your syllabus assigned for level 2.

Level: 2

At this step, you will learn some simple-hard mixed rules that are connected to level one. The ghunna, saakin, madd, and shadd are added to this level. The total number of study hours at this level is 35.
After completing the syllabus of this level, we will test your understanding through oral and written papers. You need to score good numbers to get along for the last level of Noorani Qaida.

Level: 3

This is the last step of the Qaida course. At this stage, you will learn the advanced rules like Idgham, Iqlab, more about Shaddah, and other new rules. Once you are done with the rules, there are practice sessions of all the rules. You will also learn some surahs from the 30th chapter to accurately read them with proper rules.
The total number of study hours at this stage is 50. Once you are done with the topics of this level, we will help you revise all 30 chapters of Noorani Qaida with accuracy. Then, you will take a final test based on the whole Qaida. Your total numbers and percentage in the final test will be mentioned on the Qaida certificate that you will get online at the end of the course.
Activities to learn Qaida online
We at Quran Madrassa have made the lessons of Noorani Qaida really interesting through the activities designed for each topic. Kids and adults will enjoy learning Qaida online through these unique activities. Some of the ways we make our lessons engaging are:
  • Use of audio and recitation clips
  •  Animations of letters
  •  Cartoons for kids based on Qaida rules
  •  Videos of each rule presented in a colorful format
  •  Educational games from reliable websites and apps
  •  Puzzles and riddles based on rules
  • Coloring, marking, and labeling the rules
  • Reading the poems of rules to keep them in memory
Choose Quran Madrassa to learn Noorani Qaida in a very tremendous way. The reasons and features to opt for our platform are:
  • Our native Arab tutors
  • Our activities at Noorani Qaida
  • Our structured Qaida curriculum
  • Our male and female teachers
  • Our personalized one-on-one classes for kids and adults
  • Our group lessons
  • Our adaptable scheduling and timing
  • Our availability around the clock, 24/7
  • Our customer service panel is available all the time
  • Our free trials
  • Our economical fee plans and discounts
  • Our fun-based practice sessions and games
  • Our testing and reporting system
  • Our formulated meetings
  • Our amazing learning environment
  • Our teacher-student bond and relation
  • Our 5-star rating from the old students Noorani Qaida Course Tutors
  • ✔️We have a group of male and female certified tutors to teach you Noorani Qaida; the basic book of reading the Quran fluently.
  • ✔️Our teachers are mostly from the Arab world and naturally have superb accents of Arabic
  • ✔️They are Ijazah certified; which is the highest degree of all Quranic studies.
  • ✔️Our tutors have been teaching this course online for many years now and already have helped 100s of non-Arab students read the Quran correctly.
  • ✔️They are very efficient when it comes to teaching methods and strategies. Bonding with their students is their best trait.
  • ✔️They put in extra effort to make each lesson easy and understandable for every student. They strongly believe in the quality of the lesson and not the quantity of the topics taught daily.
  • ✔️They efficiently track the progress of their students to keep them aware of their learning speed and perfection.
  • ✔️Our tutors speak in English and Urdu, making students from Asia and the West communicate freely. Paying Method

Amazing Arabic Tutors 

Our tutors (male and female) are the assets we have for Arabic courses. They are very well-learned and as natives, know exactly how to teach non-Arabs.

They are aware of the challenges faced by non-natives in learning Arabic and make every lesson very easy.

They have experience in teaching Arabic to kids and adults for years and have maintained a good rapport online. 

They have been working with Quran Madrasa for a long time and attend webinars, seminars, and online teaching training regularly to polish and enhance their teaching abilities.

They are using multiple teaching strategies for beginners to involve them happily in lessons and make each session the least tough.

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