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Intensive Hifz Course

This is a unique hifz course designed for individuals who can allocate more time for their classes and intend to finish their hifz plan soon. The course will be conducted by certified huffaz tutors who have memorized the Quran in a short span of time.

“MashAllah, when I started Quran with Quran Madrasah, I knew very little.  I didn’t expect to memorize the entire Quran and get my Ijaazah!” – Anisah, US




Abdul Rahman Teacher

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More about this Course

Learning Objectives of intensive hifz course 

This course is different from other hifz courses because of the level of commitment it requires. The objectives of this course are planned for the very active learners who can reach the objectives with passion of hifz. 

General objectives

  • To make students of intensive hifz course more zealous and goal-oriented
  • To facilitate the students with all the requirements of course to make the classes convenient.
  • To provide an amazing and adaptable learning environment for kids and adults where they can pursue their hifz plan smoothly.
  • To help students actively start a daily session with some motivation doze.
  • To Reach the hifz goals in the fixed time easily.

Specific objectives

  • Enabling students to memorize the Quran with proper tajweed and makharij.
  • Helping them to reach the itqan level through constant revision and practice of rules.
  • Facilitating students to understand the meaning of the verses they are memorizing.
  • Helping them learn the sequence of surahs in Quran and the sequence of revelation too.
  • Understand the cause of revelation of each Surah.
  • Revising the whole 3 times for accuracy.
  • Confidently reciting the Quran with tajweed in tests.

3 Easy Levels Of Hifz plans 

For each hifz plan we have 3 main and some sublevels to help students reach the target easily by setting small goals.

Let suppose you are memorizing the Quran intensively in 6 months, your plan will be tough and jam packed. To facilitate you and keep you on track, we will make 3 easy levels of 10 chapters each.

Then, you will start with the 1st level which has 10 chapters that are divided into 10 sublevels. This way you will complete the task in 6 months.

Level 1 is the easiest one to begin. It usually has easy Surahs and chapters.

Level 2 comprises slightly longer Surahs and chapters. They are mainly from the middle of the Quran.

Level 3 is the tough one because it has the longest Surahs with more details to learn. It will take time and effort to complete. 

All the levels and their sublevels are designed according to your requirements and they are made easy to complete through amazing hifz methods.

Personalized Hifz schedule for kids and adults 

Quran Madrasha offers you a facility to get a personalized hifz schedule with an intensive approach. You can complete your hifz in 6 months, 1year, 2 years, or 2.5 years. The selection of time will decide how hard your plan will be.

To motivate our students we share stories of students who have memorized the Quran in less than 6 months. All it requires is natural retention and strong motivation.

Your customised plan will help us design the timetable according to your availability. This course will require 6 days of classes per week if you want to complete the Quran hifz in 6 months. 

Moreover, you can take off on Sundays or for the whole weekend, but be mindful that the daily lesson verses will increase to cater to your timetable.

Our various intensive hifz plans for brothers and sisters 

We have many predesigned intensive hifz plans to choose from. If you still need a new plan for yourself, it will be designed for sure. 

6 months plan

This is the most intensive plan where students will complete the whole Quran with revision in just 6 months. You will memorize 5 chapters every month to complete all 30 chapters in 6 months.

Each chapter has 20 pages and 5 chapters will have 100 pages that you have to learn in one month. The days per week you have chosen to attend class will further divide the 100 pages in each class. It is suggested to take classes all week long to reach the goals easily.

1 year plan

In this plan you will memorize 2.5 chapters per month to complete 30 chapters in a year with proper revisions. The division of 2.5 chapters in daily classes will be done according to your availability. It is easier from the 1st plan as you can spare some time to take 1 off weekly.

2 year plan 

This course is intensive for students and job holders who have to manage time for this course. You will learn 1.75th parts of chapters each month. Or you can complete the 1.5th part and then keep revising the whole part. After a year your half Quran will be done. In this course you can take the weekend off and increase your lesson limit for weekdays.

2.5 year plan

This is the easiest plan to follow for those who are super busy but want to learn intensively. So you can spare weekends for this course and learn more verses with passion to complete the Quran in 2.5 years. You will manage to memorize the 1.25th of Juz each month.

Select Quran madrassa to help you make your hifz dream come true with the following traits we have.


  • All time availability for classes
  • Flexible hifz plans for kids and adults
  • Structured curriculum for this course with proper timetables
  • Affordable Fees and discounts for all countries 
  • Hifz Activities For Kids to make lessons easy
  • Interactive and engaging classes
  • One on one and group classes for students with same plans
  • Quran Hifz certificate for whole Quran or whatever portion memorized
  • Amazing hifz tutors with vast teaching experience
  • Use of multimedia technology for audio visuals of recitation
  • Multiple hifz techniques with 100% positive results 

The reason we confidently announce new hifz courses is the strength and trust we have in our tutors. Their abilities and passion make us proudly talk about our teaching team openly. Read more about them below.


  • They are mainly from Arabic countries with naturally beautiful Quranic accents to guide non Arab students.
  • Their fluency in English makes it easy for students to enroll and learn the Quran easily. They have completed their English language classes many years ago.
  • They are Ijazah degree holders from Al-Azhar or an equivalent renowned institute in Egypt or Saudi Arabia.
  • They have more than 5 years of online hifz teaching experience for kids and adults.
  • We have a good number of female hifz tutors for girls and ladies.
  • Our teachers attend webinars and seminars to efficiently conduct hifz classes with 100% results and satisfaction of students.
  • They use more than 1 teaching method for each student to check their tendency to grasp.
  • They work passionately to help students memorize the Quran and keep a deep eye on their progress.
  • They are cooperative and friendly with their students that motivate them to join Quran hifz classes daily.
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