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Hifz classes For Kids

Let kids hifz Quran with exceptional techniques and engaging activities that will make this journey truly memorable for them.

“MashAllah, when I started Quran with Quran Madrasah, I knew very little.  I didn’t expect to memorize the entire Quran and get my Ijaazah!” – Anisah, US




Abdul Rahman Teacher

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More about this Course

We at Quran Madrasah offer Hifz classes for kids in a very systematic way that has easy levels to complete the lessons and reach the goals.

3 Levels of Hifz For kids

To facilitate the kids of all ages, we have pre designed the levels. Choose any or all 3 levels and get it customized according to your kids’ hifz classes.

Level 1: Last 3 Juz (30th, 29th, 28th)

In this beginner level, kids will manage to hifz last 3 juz. They will begin with the easiest 30th juz (Amma). As soon as they develop a good memorizing habit, they will move on to 29th and then 28th Juz.

Each juz is further subdivided into easy milestones to keep kids motivated.  After they pass a test of 3 Ajzaa, they can opt for the next target of 10 Ajzaa.

Level 2: 10-Juz Plan

Upon reaching this level, toddlers will be ready to memorize another 7 Juz (27th-21st) to make a total of 10. These 7 Ajzaa are divided into small milestones according to Surahs in it. 

We make sure kids keep revising the previous lessons along with the new ones to maintain the high quality of their lessons. After the test of all last 10 chapters, they will get promoted to the final level where they have an option to quit or continue memorizing chapters until they are done with the whole Quran. 

Level 3: Whole Quran Hifz plan

This is the last level of memorization where kids will complete the entire Quran with tajweed and understanding. They have 20 chapters to learn at this level. A set of 5 Ajzaa are given to them and they will do 4 sets to be done with all 20.

The revisions of old and new chapters will go hand in hand. If your kids want to complete half the Quran they can quit after 15th juz. A grand test will be held when the hifz plan is successfully completed.

Learning Outcomes of This Course:

We make sure all the outcomes are met within the time frame of the classes. Our teachers make sure to achieve all the objectives set before the course.

  • To make kids memorize the Quran or any of its portions with interest and devotion.
  • To help kids recite verses with proper tajweed.
  • To enable toddlers to understand the summary of each Surah they learn.
  • To enhance kids’ learning capacity through different techniques and methods.
  • To help them revise each portion 3 times to ensure flawless lessons.
  • To keep encouraging them to learn the chapters with ease.
Different age Groups of Kids for this Course:

As we are offering this course for all kids (3-16 years) so that they can get an age-appropriate understanding of Surahs and rules of tajweed to learn. For example, the juniors will just learn the verses with basic Quran reading skills whereas the senior kids will learn advanced tajweed rules for their lessons.

The facilities we offer are the ones that make us stand out from the rest of the forums. To make our hifz classes for kids the best option for you, we offer the following facilities:

1- Personalized Hifz Plan

Your toddlers are not bound to memorize the whole Quran like in madrassas. We have an option of getting a personalized and customized plan for any part of the Quran.

Let your kids decide what they want to learn. And choose smaller portions for smaller kids to engage them. We have customized plans for:

✅Juz Amma

✅Juz Tabarak

✅Surah Al-baqarah

✅or any specific Surah or Juz

2- Easy hifz techniques

The hifz techniques our professional tutors use for kids are shortlisted according to their results. Some of them are:

✅Aural hifz technique

✅3×3 hifz technique

✅Reading out loud way

✅Line-by-line learning

✅Verse-by-verse learning

We ensure the best learning experience for little gems that is why we let them learn the way they feel comfortable.

3- Tests and evaluation

Tests and evaluation are the crucial parts of the hifz process. We take weekly tests of the lessons learned so far and present an evaluation report to the parents.

Sometimes the tests are taken in a quiz form and sometimes in a proper test method.

4- Activities of Each surahs

As kids love to be involved in activities so we at Quran Madrasah make sure to let them learn through activities. The memorization of each Surah is started with a story animation and kids are taught about the themes given in it. 

The flash cards of each surah’s main points help kids recall the surah easily. We also let kids play Surah games online to revise their verses.

5- Certificates of Hifz

At the completion of the hifz plan, each student will be certified. Whether your kids learn a Surah, a Juz or the whole Quran, they will get a certificate for that. Our certificates are signed by the forum’s supervisors.

6- Time Flexibility

Schedule your little ones’ classes at their favourite time. Be it dawn, noon, or evening, we are available 24/7 to conduct the hifz course for kids.

You can even arrange revision classes on weekends if you think your kids need them.

Quran Madrassah believes that teachers are the real pillar behind the success of each course. Our hifz tutors have the following qualities and they are selected after rounds of interviews.

✅They are native Arabs with exceptional tajweed and recitation skills.

✅They are fluent in English and speak with clarity with the students from the West.

✅They are Ijazah certified from leading Islamic universities.

✅They have many years of online teaching experience for kids, especially in hifz classes.

✅They are very innovative while teaching kids and make each lesson very engaging.

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